Tonneau Cover Release Cable Rear

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The Tonneau Cover Release Cable Rear (#64963-04010), a pivotal Body part in the Cover Top system, plays a crucial role in manually controlling the opening and closing of the tonneau cover. Operating in sync with the release handle, the cable transmits the pulling force from the handle to the latch mechanism, facilitating the smooth retraction or deployment of the tonneau cover. As with all moving parts, regular replacement of the cable is necessary to maintain optimum function. An aged, worn-out or broken cable might compromise the secure fitting of the tonneau cover, potentially exposing the cargo area to the elements or theft. By choosing genuine Toyota parts, you not only ensure compatibility with your vehicle but also benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Tonneau Cover Release Cable Rear (#64963-04010) is no exception and contributes significantly to the overall utility and security provided by the Cover Top system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64963-04010

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