Manual Transaxle Gasket Kit

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The Manual Transaxle Gasket Kit (#04331-02060), a key component in the Drive-Chassis part of Toyota's Transaxle or Transmission Assy & Gasket Kit (Manual Transmission) system, plays a critical role in sealing the junction between the transmission and the engine. Its primary function is to prevent fluid leaks, thus maintaining the optimal functionality of the transmission system. Made with Toyota's precision, this genuine part ensures vehicle compatibility and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Periodic replacement of the Manual Transaxle Gasket Kit (#04331-02060) is essential as it tends to wear out over time. An old or damaged gasket may lead to fluid leakage, which can adversely affect the performance and durability of the transmission system. Ultimately, a well-maintained Manual Transaxle Gasket Kit (#04331-02060) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's drive system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 04331-02020;04331-12290;04331-12420;04331-02040;04331-12130;04331-12230;04331-20130;04331-17050;04331-12550;04331-12500;04331-12421 More
Part Number 04331-02060

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